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MediaNav signs ovelaping and speedcam sound ring at maximum volume

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MediaNav signs ovelaping and speedcam sound ring at maximum volume

Message par Neek » dim. 7 oct. 2018 18:41

I made a trip longer and I put navigation for drive me. I have seen some annoying things.
It's annoying me the overlapping of signs with speed limits as you can see, and also the "ding" noise when detects speedcam at maximum volume.

Searching found in Storage Card2/nng/save, 2 files System_A.ini and system_B.ini where is written:
ding_volume="255" <------

But here these files are paired with some md5 for checksum and I don't know if possible to modify something.
I try to modify these files in fingerprint, but it's not updating. I try to overwrite with the one modified but at end I have got same values there. Nothing change.
Any idea how to edit these.

MediaNav MN3 Evolution
MediaNav MN2 Evolution 9.1.3 + Super Mod 4.1 + Carbone
MediaNav MN1 Standard 4.1.0 + Super Mod 4.1 + ModRS

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